Officers and Committee Chairs

For over 100 years, Temple B’nai Sholom has served the Jewish Community in Huntsville and surrounding areas. The congregation has endured and prospered because previous generations were committed to keeping Jewish life alive here in North Alabama. In fact, our congregation contains many families with 2nd and 3rd generation members.

Our congregation depends on volunteers to maintain the building. organize special events, and provide support for NACHaS, the community religious school. We can’t thank them enough!!


  • President: Ann van Leeuwen
  • Vice-President: Dana Averbuch
  • Treasurer: Jeff Lindy
  • Secretary: Sharon Frost
  • Immediate Past President: Pam Rhodes


  • Susan Goldby
  • Nancy Morrison
  • Jim Weinberger
  • Michael Goodman
  • Rodney Burt
  • Henry Grass
  • Jerry Perlman
  • Larisa Thomason

 Committee Chairs

  • Adult Education:
  • Building & Grounds (Inside): Brad Lapidus
  • Building & Grounds (Outside): Brad Lapidus
  • Budget and Finance: 
  • Cemetery: Sara Crocker
  • Choir: Meribeth Lapidus
  • Endowments: David Berkowitz
  • Fair Shares: Larry Banks
  • High Holy Days: Dana Averbuch
  • Library: Ann van Leeuwen
  • Memorial Plaques: Sara Crocker
  • Mutual Liaison: Jennifer Kaplan
  • Religious School Principals: Monna Harmon and Larisa Thomason
  • Religious School Board Members: Betsy Walczak, Vic van Leeuwen, Michelle Levin, and Amy Semel
  • Ritual:  
  • Security:
  • Special Affairs: 
  • Temple Directory: Sara Crocker
  • Temple Times: Daniel Schenker
  • Webmaster: Fred Tamm-Daniels
  • Youth Group: Sara Crocker
  • Pardes Preschool: Jennifer Nelson 
  • Young Families: Shani Levy
  • Young Adults/Professionals: 
  • Huntsville Jewish Heritage Center: Director, Margaret Anne Goldsmith